We make global supply chains future proof.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make global supply chains future proof. With our data-driven approach, a deep understanding for risks, and our analytics solutions, we help our clients to reduce risks in their value chains. Through our expertise, we support our clients to improve their operations and their financial resilience in the face of climate change and emerging risks while ensuring the sustainability of their business activities. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary approach and scalable technology, our team of experts puts our clients into the driving seat while we find the best road across a changing risk landscape.

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Michael Gloor


Michael Gloor: Cofounder & Business Lead
Michael is passionate about applying his risk knowledge on climate change, natural hazards, sustainability and supply chains to help companies improve their resilience and sustainability in today's challenging and interconnected world. He draws his know-how from his work as the Climate Change Lead for one of the largest global reinsurance companies as well as from his experience in the  aircraft-manufacturing industry. Michael holds a MSc & PhD from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. 

Gaudenz Halter: Cofounder & Tech Lead
Gaudenz is leading the development of the technological backbone of our modelling platform. With his vast experience and passion for high-performance algorithms, web-based applications, and his skills in scientific visualisation, Gaudenz brings our risk analytics to the next level.


Gaudenz Halter


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