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Correntics at Startup Days in Bern 2023

Startup Days Bern 2023
Startup Days in Bern Kursaal

The Correntics team recently had the incredible opportunity to once again participate in the Startup Days held in Bern on May 25th. The event brought together innovators, entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, and enthusiasts from various fields to exchange ideas and insights. The event was packed with engaging sessions covering sustainable solutions, founders’ insights, investor pitches, and much more. This year, Correntics CEO Michael Gloor took the stage alongside representatives from Microsoft and ABB to share their expertise and insights on how sustainability can be achieved through the power of partner ecosystems. The event not only offered informative sessions but also provided ample networking opportunities, allowing Correntics to forge valuable connections and strengthen existing relationships within the startup community.

Together with Microsoft and ABB, Correntics highlighted the importance of forming strategic partnerships between startups, established companies, and technology giants to drive impactful change. By leveraging shared resources, knowledge, and expertise, these partnerships can trigger innovative solutions and drive positive change on a larger scale. The session emphasized the need for startups to actively seek out and nurture partnerships, as they have the potential to unlock unprecedented growth opportunities and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Participating in Startup Days in Bern was an enriching experience for the Correntics team. Interacting with passionate individuals and witnessing the ground-breaking ideas showcased by fellow startups, from sustainable tech solutions to artificial intelligence, inspired us to persist in our journey toward fostering greater environmental consciousness and resilience.


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