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MassChallenge Switzerland 2023 Kick-off

Disruptive solutions to make the food and healthcare industries more sustainable and climate responsible

Correntics has the privilege to be one of the 100+ startups selected to participate in the MassChallenge Switzerland accelerator program, a leader in helping startups across the world grow their businesses. This program helps to connect high-impact startups with leading partners across multiple industries to provide them with the resources and partnerships needed to successfully launch, grow and scale their businesses. This year, the program focuses on 4 industry-specific tracks, including sustainable food & industry and climate solutions, which are at the core of Correntics’ business.

Nestlé’s Research Center
Visit of the Nestlé’s Research Center and R+D Accelerator in Lausanne, which aims at boosting innovation and the access to markets.

During this program, startups have the opportunity to meet corporate partners in the food industry and investors, as well as to pitch their disruptive solutions that address key challenges faced by the industry and foster climate-responsible businesses.

Michael Gloor, CEO of Correntics
Michael Gloor, CEO of Correntics, has been invited to pitch at Givaudan, where he presented Correntics’ climate-risks analytics solution to make supply chains more resilient and future-proof.

This first week of the program offered an excellent opportunity to meet with many other entrepreneurs, whose innovative solutions address water contamination, upcycling agricultural side streams to reduce nutrient losses and food waste along the agricultural value chain, sustainable packaging, plant-based protein alternatives, as well as solutions and technologies to offset or reduce companies’ emissions, to name but a few. We also had the great chance to exchange with many leading corporate partners including Nestlé, Bühler, Givaudan, DSM, Südzucker, and Louis Dreyfus Company, and to visit some of these corporates’ facilities and innovation centers in Switzerland.

This first phase of the MassChallenge is just the beginning of the program that will extend until October 2023, during which startups will have the opportunity to develop collaborations with different corporate partners.

Visit Bühler’s coffee and cocoa processing units
Visit Bühler’s coffee and cocoa processing units, and introduction to its future protein application center, which provides the mean to perform trials and scale-up processes to an industrial level.

With our climate-risk analytics solution for supply chains, we believe that we can greatly contribute to making corporates’ supply chains more resilient in the face of extreme natural events and climate change. During this first phase of the program, we had insightful exchanges with the different partners and other corporates’ representatives, and we already look forward to exploring potential collaborations to support their effort to make their businesses more sustainable and resilient in a context of emerging climate risks!

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