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NCCS Impact Kick-off

Federal program to develop decision support tools for dealing with climate change

Correntics as a contributor to the NCCS Impacts programme

Switzerland is particularly prone to climate change across various sectors due to its faster-than-global-average increase in near-surface air temperature observed across all its regions. ¹ In addition, Switzerland relies on a number of international partners who also experience the pressure of global climate change and seek effective adaptation solutions.

At the beginning of June, the NCCS Impact Programme was officially launched. As one of the 14 organizations participating in this project, we at Correntics are looking forward to contributing to the development of decision-support mechanisms for addressing climate change in Switzerland.

«In order to prepare Switzerland for climate-related changes, a holistic management approach is needed – one that adopts a cross-sectoral, cross-stakeholder, Switzerland-wide, and comprehensive perspective.» ²

The project aims to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the effects of global climate change on Switzerland's economy, particularly its production chains, international sales markets, and the security of food and pharmaceutical supplies. The project also seeks to develop decision support tools and services to ensure effective communication of the results to the target audience.

In close collaboration with Celsius Pro, Weather and Climate Risks Group (ETH Zurich), EBP Schweiz AG, and Risk Dialogue Foundation, Correntics will play a key role to analyze «how global climate change will affect Switzerland's internationally interconnected production chains today and in the future.» ³ within the framework of the Impacts of global climate change on Switzerland.

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³ NCCS Impacts Programme



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