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Real-time Hazard Data

Assess the impact of extreme weather before, during and after an event using high-resolution hazard information.

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Natural disasters lead to more interruptions

Climate risk is not only an emerging threat but extreme weather already affects businesses around the world today through direct damage but also through interruptions of supply chains.


Monitoring of natural hazards

Impact assessments and forecasts of natural disasters based on high-resolution data helps businesses to react to potential interruptions early and to reduce physical damages and severe financial impacts.

Correntics offers a global overview of up-to-date hazard data through its Risk Explorer and through APIs for direct integration into client platforms. Our data services help to stay on top of key events that have the potential to lead to significant financial losses.

Stormy Skies

Key Features:

  • Impact assessments of current threats to own production sites, supplier network and logistics operations.

  • Recognize and mitigate interruption risks early to reduce financial impacts

  • Monitor natural disasters such as storms, floods, droughts and other extreme-weather events.


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